I’m sitting in Whole Foods drinking a fantastic kombucha while pondering adventure.

I’ve always loved adventuring. As a boy I lived in fantastical imaginary stories filled with journeys to far away lands, mythic creatures, and epic battles. Now at 37, after a couple decades of realistic (cue sad trombone ) adulthood, I can feel the childlike thirst for adventure resurfacing, bubbling up irresistibly.

There’s nothing quite like adventure. I’ve seen it heal families, spark life in the minds of the depressed, and even potty train toddlers.

Potty training a toddler is quite the massive step forward for mankind, but I believe adventure works wonders for the human race.

It focuses our minds, inspires our hearts, restores our spirits. It brings down the walls between cultures and opens doors to commerce, communion, understanding, and empathy. During an adventure I see prejudice fall away replaced by childlike openness, causing people to employ social graces with each other instead of social reservations.

I believe living adventurously helps us become better and live better with each other.