After running this morning and achieving my weekly goal of a 3 mile run (wooohooo!), I pondered the experience of pushing through the pain and “suck” of the run.

It’s a spiritual experience when this happens. The animal part of me wants be lazy, it wants to be over fed, it wants to be underworked, it wants lots of other things. And it wants these things with as little exchange of effort as possible.

I’ve to come realize, however, that the bodies we have can be harnessed and directed. They are beautiful machines with natural, survival-based desires. Instead of focusing on the taming of these desires, I’ve decided to turn my attention to moving forward and upward.

As I embrace life and living it to the full, the old behaviors of the “flesh” that always seemed so difficult to master are replaced with health, energy, and vibrance.

I’m discovering my entire being desires living each day at 100% more than it desires vice.