This quote from an excerpt found in Carma Gorman’s, Industrial Design Reader is profound.  When I read it, it affected me deeply.

I find myself reflecting on this quote with everything I find attractive, everything I find beautiful.  So far it’s completely accurate.  I find that thing beautiful because it has a promise of function.  This function may not always be obvious, but it becomes so after I ponder, after I look for its function that I may have not been aware of or that I’ve become blind to.

This morning, for example, I turned these thoughts to the question of “Why is freshly mowed grass more attractive than overgrown grass?” I took note of how the mowed grass promises a higher level of function for us: How it facilitates easier walking, more visibility of danger, and countless other advantages.  It’s beautiful.  It’s functional.

What do you find beautiful?  When you think about it deeply, do you see its promise of function?